What is do and don't at at the interview

Dear Job Seekers,

People have different view on job opportunities in Cambodian market based on their information they got or situation they are in or other reasons. No matter what the market is, you have to challenge and be ready to make yourselves visible for employers.

This is like the process of selling product, how can you ensure that your product is best sell in the market?

I want to draw you attention that you should focus on 3 step:

1st : Ensuring good products for customers.

2nd: Having good place or marketing to sell.

3rd: Knowing how to do marketing or advertise your product.

Getting good job, like the process of selling products, is required to focus on 3 stages as well:

1st: How to prepare yourselves as one of qualified candidates (good knowledge, skills, good behaviors.....) for employers (Learning and studying what can ensure you to get position you want)

2nd: Where you can find job opportunities, or where you should apply for jobs. (Find information for job opportunities)

3rd: How can you present employers your knowledge, skill or who you are. (Learn how to prepare for interview)

So to share you some tips for stage 3, please watch the video, you will see some do and don't at the interview.

We are Aplus here to support and consult with you and make you ready for interviews and good jobs.


Kind Regards,


Miss Sochenda,

Sinior HR

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