GM's Message

Dear our valued partners,

I joined Aplus consulting two years ago. I knew i was one of the lucky Cambodians. My story is like many others in this new generation with whom I share the determination, courage and a great deal of family and community support, that enabled me to pursue the dream of education. This gave me a desire to be part of my countries transformation and development. Most of all, to position myself to be of service to others, to make my words of gratitude, into actions of thanks.

From the years I spent internationally I learnt so much about business and the constant drive for excellence in solutions and services. I came home with a humble desire to make a difference. I wanted to develop an organisation whose values would be the foundation, the solidness, the heart and the driving force behind all we do.

It is from this foundation of gratefulness, that I stand today as the General Manager of Aplus consulting. When i began to write this I realised that my message to all who partner with us and those of you who will in the future was one of gratitude. We have developed on a foundation of integrity, this grass roots local enterprise has leveraged off its values driven culture to create sustainable partnerships, that strive for excellence.

No body is an island and while the dream of success may come from an individual it is rarely achieved without the support of others.

I take this opportunity to thank the intelligence, patience and compassion of our highly experienced board of directors and stakeholders. They have been both the anchor and the rudder, steering us patiently in the direction of our success and keeping us grounded as the success of our business grew beyond any of our expectations.

To the home based team at Aplus, What can a General Manager say to a group of people who every day never fail to impress and inspire him. The utilisation of their knowledge and intelligence, their determination, drive for excellence and their commitment to those we serve. To our growing external team, I can barely believe that in such a short time you are almost 1,000 strong, you are our extended family and the roots of our expanding success.

To our partners, our clients, our customers our friends, Simply without your trust we would not exist. We thank you and we continue our promise to you. Our commitment to sustain our relationships with you based on honesty, cost effectiveness and efficiency. Our continued drive to make your success our success, by providing state of the art solutions that will keep your competitive edge and take you beyond.

To the community whom we do our best to serve, The opportunity you provide us with to keep our heart and minds focused on what’s important. That success without values is no success at all, success that requires subordination of others or serves only itself, has no joy, and an organisation without joy is a body without soul. You help us to be the change that truly supports transformation. You may send your gratitude to us often for the practical advice, the emotional support the financial assistance, and you often claim that we made your dreams come true, but we would be so much less without you. We would just be another company, another vessel driving up the river, blowing hot air into our sails to keep us afloat. We are so much more, because you have made our corporate responsibility, the heart that keeps us going.

From your trust, let our dynamic team keep our best effort to turn our initiative, knowledge and experiences earned from both academic degree and practical experiences into value for the benefit of our clients, our people and society via our commitment for your optimal solution and the best partner for Sustainable Success For All.

Sincerely Yours,

Kinal SAR
Managing Director
Aplus Consulting Co., Ltd

Tel: (855) 78 808 333


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