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The job holder reports directly to the Operations Manager
Overall planning, coordination and implementation of new construction and facility/maintenance maintenance projects
for depots, warehouses, network of stations, customer installation, Lubricant ROCs and head office. Leads/manages
the Engineering team composed of a project/maintenance assistant, installation supervisor and network maintenance.
Coordinates with Purchasing on keeping a pool of competent contractors, as well with HSE manager on continually
updating/improving the safety cultures of contractors. Coordinates also with RM-AP Network Engineering coordinator
on technical issues & standardization program. Coordinates also with the depots and marketing managers on the
planning & implementation of improvement and upkeep/maintenance works/projects.
The Job Holder’s primary functions are:
Development and implementation of global preventive maintenance program based on criticality of the
Outsourcing program for maintenance works in the areas of responsibility
Planning, tender scope development and implementation of Capex & major opex projects
Budget control and administration and control. Capex & Opex Budget are not exceeded, unless justified.
Re-define roles of the members of his team to be at pace with the changing needs on project monitoring and
externalization of maintenance works
Maintains ample spares inventory and proper stock control to support maintenance programs.
Continually find a solution to simplify contractor selection for projects with more or less standard scope of work
(Standard rates system)
Implementation of the equipment standardization/upgrading program for depots, network and customer installation
Implement Work Site HSE program and objectives.
Identify, plan and develop annual Capex projects and other major Opex projects
Maintain a network of Suppliers that offer information and products on technical & engineering solutions and innovations
Purchasing and Internal control polices are respected and followed
Do other tasks, special projects that may be assigned from time to time.

Most members of his team are not computer users and does not have English language proficiency and not
used to multi-functional roles in engineering These skills limitation of his team adds challenge to the job holder
There is still scarcity of technically competent contractors, so awarding works efficiently according to bidding
requirements present additional challenge.

 Safe & Efficient implementation of projects and maintenance programs
 Capex & Opex expenditures are within budget, any unbudgeted expenditures are justified
 Breakdown times are minimized and accidental damage to equipment are identified and analyzed
 Enforce company ethics, rules and regulations over staff & contractors.

 Engineering Degree with at least 3-Years of field Experience in Depot/Network/installation Engineering
 Good Project Management Skills, Trained on Contractor Safety Management
 Good interpersonal & Supervisory skills
 Willing to work long hours and projects outside capital city of Phnom Penh

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